Why To Consider Adopting An Older Dog

While there is definitely a draw to getting a cute little puppy, there are also many benefits of adopting an older dog from a shelter. Here are just a few reasons why an older dog could be a perfect companion for you:



A lot of older dogs are likely already house-trained so you will find yourself cleaning up a lot less messes. Also, being as how they are well past their teething phase, you’re much less likely to get your furniture shredded.


More tranquil

Older dogs are known for having a very calm, relaxed demeanor compared to young pups who are more prone to going a little crazy and jumping all over the place. To add to that, you won’t have to constantly monitor what they are doing like you would for a puppy.


What you see is what you get

Older dogs have grown to their full size and you will be able to tell what their demeanor is almost immediately. While younger dogs can be a mystery, older dogs show you what they are capable of rather quickly.


Save a life

Unfortunately, older dogs don’t get adopted as quickly as younger dogs and are the first to get euthanized. By adopting an older dog, you can get a great pet and allow him to live all his final years with a great family rather than having it cut much too short.

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