Petmate Easy Reach Diner


Meet dogs at their level with the Petmate® Easy Reach Diner® elevated feeder and waterer! Any dog will benefit from the improved digestion that comes from eating in a comfortable position, and older dogs will appreciate how easy it is on their joints. Prevents the stooping and discomfort associated with bending down to eat or drink. Helps to Improves your pet posture and digestion No more bowl rattling, thanks to rubber inserts that reduce noise and keep bowls in place. Easy-to-grip bone-shaped cutouts on the side lend practical style, giving pet parents handles for easy lifting. The removable stainless steel dishwasher safe bowls make the Easy Reach Diner easy to clean. Elevated, spill-free rims help to keep water and food where they belong. Ideal for taller dogs and large breed dogs.


  • Removable stainless steel bowls are dishwasher safe
  • Ideal for large or tall breed dogs
  • Helps to prevent stooping and discomfort
  • Plastic easy to clean design

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