Trixie Cat Junior Snack & Play (18 cm)


Product information

  •  rocking toy with rotating ball and toy on spiral spring
  •  removable tubes for pawing out snacks and small toys
  •  can be screwed open
  •  plastic, plush lined (polyester)

Varied snack toy for kittens

Your kitten loves tasty snacks and is playful? With our Junior Snack & Play cat toy you can combine fun, play and tasty snacks to stimulate your kitten's curiosity and play instinct. The rounded bottom keeps the snack toy bouncing so it is always on the move. On the top side there is a track with a ball that starts rolling when the toy bobs. A fluffy ball on a spiral spring provides additional variety. There are also several tubes at the top that can be filled with small cat snacks or toys. With a bit of skill, your kitty can try to paw the snacks or the toy out of the tubes. The cat toy can be screwed open and is dishwasher suitable.


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