David Jones

I like agway in grove city they have such a variety of dog foods. I had a dog with food allergies at that time there were not many choices of food for him. Now that I know about food allergies the 2 dogs I have now only eat grain free food and agway has so many to choose from. I also get my wood pellets from them they have good pellets and they always have them but if by chance they don't they take your name and call when they come in. They staff are very friendly and helpful I have no reason to change stores. Thank you Grove City Agway for all your help.

Allyse Shields

I would like to begin this review by saying that I am a regular customer of the Grove City Agway & Pets. The main reason that I come to this store is to occasionally purchase pets and supplies to care for them. I have purchased MANY animals from Agway over the years, from rats and hamsters, to snakes, rabbits, birds and guinea pigs. What I appreciate about this establishment is that they are upfront and honest about the care of the animals (both the pros and the cons) and want to see the best for them. In comparison to other pet stores, this one ranks as my number one. You can also find products that are pretty difficult to find, which is another perk about this store. As far as friendliness goes, the employees are very polite and will do anything they can to help you find what you are looking for. There is so much more that I could say about this great store. Stop in and see them for yourself!

Torie Washington

Got my dog groomed here today, I accidentally wrote down my appointment time wrong and was a little late. They still took my dog for his grooming. He smells AMAZING, his nails look AMAZING! I am very pleased and we will be back! Price was more than affordable!

Yolanda Heasley

I bought a bearded dragon here and would visit frequently for food. The dragon is still healthy years later and beautiful in color. Dillan was the reptile guy and he was a great source of knowledge when I had a question.

Stephanie Tho

Love that all the different feeds are always in stock. Drive from Clarion because no one carries or stocks it. Thank you.

Audrianna Bly

My mom and I attended the Miniature Garden Workshop today and it was great! Thanks so much for putting on the event!!

Jan Abernethy

My favorite store in the whole wide world! At one time there was Grove City Pets and there was Agway. Then they merged. It was the best day ever! One stop shopping! George is amazing and he knows how to hire the best people! Everyone who works there is kind, patient, knowledgeable, and helpful. Most of all, they have the best pets anywhere and all of their products are sure to be top quality!

Mary Jean Glass

Your all awesome ..thank you for all your help with our new baby bunny and allowing the kids to interact with your animals.

Hala Arnous

Friendly and knowledgeable. Locally owned and operated.

Amber Gajda

Employees: 5 stars Groomers: 5 stars 

Employees are always friendly and will often take extra time to answer questions. My children have always been treated kindly, and today, my dog was handled with care and thoroughly pampered. A great business for families!!

Susan Schue

People are always helpful and friendly here. I enjoy going in and so does my dog Hercules.

Michelle Whitehouse

Grove City Agway is amazing. The people are always helpful, the prices are reasonable, and the pets are very well taken care of.

Tammie Grant

We attended petfest. The event was great and the kids had an awesome time!

Donna Hensel

I love this store! The help is outstanding, always kind and you never wait more than a couple seconds before someone comes to see if they can help. Always pleasant!

Amanda Reynolds

All of the employees are extremely knowledgeable and friendly! I have had all wonderful experiences and really enjoy shopping there!!

Maggie Cypher

Best folks around! They've been a huge support in helping our kids with raising chickens.

Joe Simmons

Best agway around , George and everyone else that work there are great people.

Paula Scott

Our Agway is simply the best!!!