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Peep Peep! Chick Season is here at Grove City Agway. Click here for our 2016 Poultry Order Form: http://bit.ly/21K0pp6.
Closing Early! We will be open from 8am - 3pm on Memorial Day (Monday, May 30th).

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Horse Dental Care

A horse's teeth change throughout its life and proper dental care is essential for your horse to be comfortable feeding, grazing and carrying a bit. But what types of problems can develop, and how should they be taken care of? Does Your Horse Have Tooth Problems?

Crate Training your Dog

Training your dog to go into his crate can be effective for confining him when he can’t be supervised, as well as a place for him to call his own.

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  • How to Prune Trees and Shrubs
    In this video, we’re going to show you the proper way to prune and trim trees, bushes and shrubs. We’ll teach you the right way to cut tree limbs as well as the basics of pruning bushes and shrubs for both the health of the plant and to keep them looking their best. Click here.

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